Mr. Horn

How long have you been at HCS and what brought you here?
I have now been here for 4 years. A Christian neighbor and good friend worked at Heritage and learned of the Wood Design teaching position open and encouraged me to apply. I was interested in all things art design from an early age, from painting to any kind of design, and always wanted to make something with my hands. I also had a strong passion for motorcycles and classic cars beginning in my mid-teens. I grew up and was raised in a small Midwestern town. Custom paint shops didn’t exist so I learned to paint cars and motorcycles myself. After some of my custom work was seen I began getting requests from people to custom paint their motorcycles or cars. This led to me opening a custom motorcycle shop where I built and painted custom choppers from scratch. After 10 years in the business I wanted a change in weather and moved to LA. I reside here with my wife and nine-year-old daughter who I am proud to say is a Heritage Christian Warrior!

Why do you like teaching Wood Design?
I enjoy being able to teach a “hands-on” subject. I get to see students create something from nothing and watch their expressions as their project begins to take shape and form.

What is your experience in Wood Design?
My woodworking skills began as a child helping my father make furniture. As I got older, working with wood in some way was always been present in my employment. One of these opportunities was working in special effects in Hollywood for a company that made Illusions for famous magicians.

How have you seen the program grow over the years?
I’ve seen the enrollment in wood shop increase. This blesses me because it shows the strong “want” for the program because students do enjoy working and designing things with their hands and being creative.

Why do you think Christian education is so important?
God is the absolute foundation for everything. With Christian education, God is present in everyday school life. This allows for a strong foundation and Christian friends who all share the same Christian values.

What are you most excited about this year?
To continue working on the expansion of the wood design program, and the projects and the growth of the different countless lessons I get to touch base on with my students.

What is your favorite thing about Heritage Christian School?
That God is present in everyday life on the campus.

What makes Wood Design unique?
The ability to bring something to fruition and witness the pride in the students as they complete a project to take home.

What is one piece of wisdom you can share with parents?
I try to instill a type of work ethic in the wood shop that would parallel everyday life.