The ultimate purpose of Heritage Christian Preschool is to glorify God and uphold man’s faith in Him through daily living. The Christian philosophy of early education is based on the authority, authenticity and reliability of the Bible and the belief that there are unchanging principles of truth revealing God in all matters of faith, truth and practice. The preschool seeks to make Christ real in the young child’s life by providing a well-balanced program in an age appropriate, safe, healthy, and nurturing environment, emphasizing the following:

  1. Spiritual Growth – Our emphasis is to teach the Word of God, make Christ real to the young students and to assist in the development of a trusting relationship with God.
  2. Cognitive Development – The preschool provides an intentionally planned, well-rounded program with the goal of developing the skills for future academic achievement.
  3. Physical Development – A combination of fine and gross motor development programs are designed to foster the emerging skills and abilities of the young students.
  4. Emotional/Social Development – Preschool students are exposed to a variety of social experiences and lovingly guided towards the acquisition of appropriate skills in the areas of confidence, socialization, and moral values.
  5. Cultural Development – Preschool students are offered age appropriate experiences and activities in music, drama, literature, speech, language, and art. These areas are designed to expose students to other cultures and to encourage them to accept and appreciate cultures other than their own.

The ultimate purpose of Heritage Christian Preschool is to glorify God and uphold man’s faith in Him through daily living.

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Preschool License #197418525
10949 Zelzah Ave | Granada Hills, CA 91344

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The goal of Heritage Christian Preschool is to establish a solid biblical and academic foundation in the formative years that prepares children for future learning in formal education and fosters a personal commitment to living according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our preschool curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of the whole child by exposing children to a wide variety of structured and unstructured hands-on learning experiences, geared to their developmental level. Our teaching is Christ-centered and Biblical truths are integrated into all activities and subject matter.

Social Goals – Personal

  1. Develop self-confidence
  2. Enjoy new experiences
  3. Accept failure and be willing to try again
  4. Exhibit self-control
  5. Show responsibility for their conduct
  6. Become self-motivated

Social Goals – Group

  1. Show concern for others
  2. Learn to be a good play partner with other children
  3. Be willing to share
  4. Be forgiving of others
  5. Show compassion
  6. Communicate congruently and empathetically with others
  7. Enjoy interaction with other children
  8. Respect individual differences
  9. Respect the rights and property of others

Emotional Goals

  1. Feel secure moving beyond the circle of their family
  2. Be happy with self
  3. Be free from anxiety
  4. Develop patience
  5. Move toward attaining independence
  6. Respect authority
  7. Be aware of and express a range of feelings appropriately
  8. Handle frustrations and find solutions to problems
  9. Develop self-control (discipline from within)

Intellectual Goals

  1. Discover the joy of learning
  2. Exhibit continuous learning (building on what he/she already knows by relating new experiences to acquired knowledge)
  3. Learn to utilize new knowledge
  4. Put experiences, ideas, and feelings into words
  5. Make productive use of time
  6. Think, make value judgments, and solve problems
  7. Tap own roots of creativity
  8. Be imaginative about possibilities and probabilities of tomorrow

Physical Goals

  1. Enjoy physical activity, movement, and self-expression
  2. Gain mastery over growing body
  3. Achieve balance, coordination, and muscle control
  4. Develop and take pride in physical skills
  5. Appreciate the wonderful body God gave them
  6. Learn and practice good health habits

Spiritual Goals

  1. Learn of God’s great love
  2. Learn that God has a plan for each person
  3. Develop positive attitudes toward God
  4. Show evidences of love for God
  5. Show evidences of a desire to obey God
  6. Be receptive toward and interested in God’s Word
  7. Develop a biblical awareness of the world in which we live.