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A Day in the Life of a Chick-Fil-A Director
by Zoe De Leon

October, 2020

Nicole De Leon is a 22 year old director of a multi-million dollar company we have all grown to know and love as Chick-fil-a. I met up with De Leon to see what a day in this profession looks like and what responsibilities it entails. I got the inside scoop on what some highs and lows of the business are, some of her proudest accomplishments and craziest stories.

 When asked what an average day looks like , Nicole describes it as “coming into the workplace everyday, not knowing what to expect, but having to be able to quickly adapt and find a creative way to overcome the different challenges and obstacles each shift brings.” To the average eye, it may just look like chicken being served, but so much goes into every nugget and every sandwich that leaves the kitchen. “With 100+ employees, 30 to 40 people on a shift, there are a lot of moving pieces to manage and keep track of, so there is never a dull moment at Chick-fil-A. Specifically, my job entails coaching and developing team members,managing operations and making sure everything runs smoothly, guest relations, and putting out small fires throughout the day, thank God never literally!”

With all the chaos and daily hustle that goes into running this business, I wanted to reflect  on some of De Leon’s greatest achievements. “I was recently promoted to Drive thru director in May of this year and when I entered this position, our scores and team morale were at an all time low. After studying my environment and the people in it, establishing and implementing systems, and creating a weekly incentive position called drive thru MVP I was able to increase the scores to their all time high and boost team morale.”

 With the thousands of people that come in and out of Chick-fil-A everyday I knew she had to come in contact with some interesting characters, so I asked her what some of her craziest stories were. She had quite a few from homeless people attacking employees, to famous people driving through but one of the craziest involves a disgruntled guest and a biscuit. “It was the only morning shift. I worked all week and everything was going really smooth that day, until this guest came in with his old beat up, used cup. He asked if he could get a refill in it even though it was not purchased at our store. I explained that it was a health code violation to do so and that we were very sorry we could not accommodate him. He responded with a ten minute lecture on being wasteful and proceeded to put the gross cup in his jacket pocket. We gave him his food and he left, but as he was walking out the door I saw the cup fall out of his pocket. A few moments later I saw him pacing from right outside the door. He then makes his way back inside and starts to shout about his cup and yell out profanities in the middle of the store. After that he walks outside, reaches in his bag, screams, and throws his biscuit against the door, leaving butter dripping down the glass.”

Miss De Leon is a well loved and respected employee. As she shared the lows and highs of her busy work life we can begin to appreciate the hard work and long hours that goes into this profession.