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Amazon Smile

What is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is Amazon’s way of giving back. When you shop Amazon, Amazon will give a portion of your purchase to Heritage.

The more you shop on Amazon, the more that comes back to Heritage. It is a win, win.

If you already shop Amazon, you can set up Amazon Smile in 3 easy steps.


Step 01

Log into your Amazon Smile account.

Step 02

If you have not already selected a charity, skip to Step 03. If you already have a charity selected and you would like to change, highlight the charity you are supporting in the top left of the toolbar and select “Change”.

Amazon Smile - Step 02

Step 03

In the search bar, search for “Heritage Christian School” and be sure to select our school that is in “Granada Hills CA”.

Amazon Smile - Step 02

That’s it, you are done!

Thanks for your continued effort in helping raise funds for Heritage Christian School.