Rendered is a select ensemble of students chosen from the High School Concert Choir. Rendered is the centerpiece of our school’s mission and outreach. This ensemble performs as many as 30 times in any one year. Their calendar is always full. There are twenty singers in Rendered. They perform all styles of music, usually; however, all a cappella. Because this is a ministry group, the standard for this ensemble is extremely high. Students must maintain a 2.5 or above grade point average in order to remain in this ensemble. Students are aware of the importance of accountability and are held to a high standard of living. They understand the privilege it is to be chosen to minister for the Kingdom of God, and are willingly ready to sacrifice time and devotion to this ministry.

Students who have participated in Rendered have an arsenal of testimonies and stories that they regularly share regarding the love and power of God they themselves have witnessed during performances. We consider it a holy honor to touch lives everywhere we go with music as our tool. It is our number one priority to change the atmosphere with our music, and usher in the lavishing and indescribable love of Jesus. We have seen it happen with every style of music. We have witnessed miracles happen in many places; miracles that cannot be explained any other way. We are in awe of what God does without fail. Our motto in this ensemble is:

In order for the power of God to move, it is not the number of those who are in attendance that matters, it is the number of those who are in agreement.

When all of the singers are in agreement both spiritually and musically, the fruit and impact is immeasurable. Rendered students meet once a week on Monday evenings for rehearsal, fellowship, worship and prayer.

*Note: They also will occasionally meet on Thursday evenings, as well, when additional rehearsal time is necessary.