The Spring Choir Concert will be held on Friday, May 20 from 6:00-8:00pm in the
South Campus Gym. 

High School

The High School Concert Choir has an International reputation of exemplary excellence. They have had the privilege and honor of performing in eight different countries, England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Chile, France, Germany and Prague. From Notre Dame, in Paris to St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican, in Rome, our students have left a lasting trail of the Glory of God everywhere they go. The favor of God is on this department in ways that are simply immeasurable. We are blessed to have doors open every year for worldwide opportunities that are life changing and leave a lasting impact on both the students and the audiences.

The Concert Choir is regularly invited to perform in prestigious Choral Invitational Festivals throughout Southern California Universities. Our students have the opportunity to work with renowned choral conductors at all of these festivals and are noted for scholarship offers every year. The Concert Choir performs every style of music and is proficient in singing in numerous languages. This is an advanced ensemble that quite often sings collegiate repertoire. We focus on classical music as the foundational cornerstone of our program and as a result, are able to grasp other genres with authenticity and precision. Excellence in vocal production, musicianship and performance technique, are the core to our day to day rehearsal routine, however God is our number one focus.

At the very heart of our choir is worship. Again, Jesus Christ is at the center of our very purpose. It is our desire to be atmosphere changers everywhere we sing. If the music has not “moved” us, it will not move the audience.


Rendered is a select ensemble of students chosen from the High School Concert Choir. Rendered is the centerpiece of our school’s mission and outreach. This ensemble performs as many as 30 times in any one year. There are twenty singers in Rendered. They perform all styles of music, usually; however, all a cappella.

Since this is a ministry group, the standard for this ensemble is extremely high. Students must maintain a 2.5 or above grade point average in order to remain in this ensemble.

Rendered students meet once a week on Monday evenings for rehearsal, fellowship, worship and prayer. They also will occasionally meet on Thursday evenings, as well, when additional rehearsal time is necessary.

Middle School

The Heritage Christian School Middle School Choir is one of the best-kept secrets in the San Fernando Valley Schools.  When other schools are shutting down their music classes because of financial strain, Heritage continues to blossom and grow!  We have over sixty students in the Middle School Choir.  This ensemble is the training ground for our internationally and domestically renowned High School Concert Choir. 

Students investigate proper vocal technique, singing in harmony, (usually 3 – 4 parts), musicianship, musical interpretation and singing in various languages.  Our students are learning the priceless values of being a member of an ensemble. Jesus Christ is at the core of this group and our purpose. We welcome The Lord redirecting our rehearsals to prayer, fellowship and testimonies in order to prepare our hearts for another outing.

We regularly perform at area schools during the school year.  Students have the opportunity to not only sing, but, share their testimony with younger students at various venues. The Middle School Choir performs two large concerts during the school year and participates in numerous festivals as well.  At the end of each school year, we participate in the Heritage Music Festivals.  Our choir has been invited every year to perform in the Festival of Gold in numerous cities.

Middle Choir
Elementary Choir


Students are introduced to the basic principles in music fundamentals starting at the Kindergarten level in their music class. We incorporate a wide variety of creative investigation into every class that includes the use of rhythmic instruments, recorders, singing cantus, (ancient Latin melodies) and movement. In addition to the music curriculum, students in Kindergarten, First Grade and Second grade participate in a full score musical production in the spring. Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students may choose from the following classes: Elementary Choir, Elementary Beginning Band, Elementary Advanced Band, Elementary Strings, and Elementary Handbells.