Fostering future leaders and problem solvers.

2019-2020 Heritage Robotics Team
Heritage Christian School’s robotics program was founded in 2018 and exists to grow and foster future leaders and problem solvers. It is a completely student-driven class in which budding engineers, mathematicians, programmers, and scientists collaborate to design, build, program, and troubleshoot robots. Through this process, they learn skills that will aid their navigation through a world increasingly filled with technology such as robot design, practical applications of physics and mathematics, and coding. In addition, students learn to work together in teams, foster their critical and creative thinking, develop time management skills and even acquire useful marketing skills. 
The class consists of two robotics teams(team numbers 82245A and 82245Y) that compete in the VEX Robotics Competition, a global competition in which teams design robots to accomplish specific challenges such as stacking blocks and launching balls at targets. In 2018, team 82245A was formed as an after school club. After seeing success both competitively and in student development, the program was expanded to two teams for the 2019-2020 school year and made into a formal class. Highlights include placing 4th out of 44 in a competition with teams from across the valley and taking home the Judges Award, the prize given to teams “deserving recognition from Judges for special accomplishments.”

During the off-season, students develop their own ideas free of constraints and limitations. From t-shirt shooting robots to mobile manipulators, the sky is the limit as they are given the freedom to experiment with and develop new technologies. And much like competition robots, projects are completely planned, designed, built, and programmed by team members.

Warriors robotics provides a unique environment to apply classroom knowledge and creativity to novel situations. We are committed to teaching students to make a difference in the world by developing a multitude of both STEM and life skills.