Independent Study (HCS Academy)

A Private School Satellite Program. Available for Grades 6-12.
The Heritage Christian School Academy is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) designed for those families wishing for an alternative educational opportunity for their children. The Academy provides an environment for learning to take place outside, or in addition to, the regular classroom. The program offers record keeping, support, standardized testing, college counseling, on-campus classes, and cooperative activities such as Athletics, Choir, and Drama. Its purpose is to encourage and support families who seek the benefits a Christian PSP can offer.

Mission Statement
Heritage Christian School’s mission is to provide a challenging program of academic excellence from a Biblical point of view partnering with parents to equip their children with a firm spiritual foundation while impacting the world for Christ.

Academic Program
Heritage Academy covers middle school, grades 6-8; and senior high, grades 9-12. The school year consists of two semesters and independent study courses must meet the criteria of a 17-week curriculum that meets for at least 200 minutes/weekly per semester. Students receive two interim grade progress reports and a final grade each semester. In the middle and high schools, students are expected to carry no fewer than seven subjects each semester; senior students may carry no fewer than five subjects each semester. The general education requirements include:

English, 40 units; social science, 30 units (including world history, American history, and government/ economics); Bible studies, 40 units; mathematics, 30 units; science, 20 units (including biology and chemistry and/or physical science. A lab is required for these courses.); physical education, 20 units; visual and practical arts, 5 units each. (Most universities also require 2 years of a foreign language, and a G elective.)

Students have the opportunity to take advanced placement and honors courses in areas of English, mathematics, science, and history on campus. Two hundred and forty (240) total units are required for graduation.


Download the HCS Academy packet to have access to:

  • Chapel Exemption
  • Guidelines & Contract

Become an independent learner today with
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How the Program Works


Each new student must fill out an enrollment packet online. Once the enrollment packet is complete, fees are paid, and all required documents are sent in (including birth certificate, transcripts from other schools, vaccination records, and references), the student will be scheduled to interview with a designated staff member.

Once the student is fully enrolled, the Academy Coordinator will meet with parents to map out a course of study that best meets the student’s individual needs. This can include all independent study, or a hybrid of independent study in addition to classes, athletics, or extra-curricular opportunities here on campus.


All curricula is subject to Coordinator approval and is ordered and purchased by the individual family.

Reporting Progress

After an individual plan is in place, students and parents will meet with the Academy Coordinator at least 3 times during the school year to discuss progress and present current work samples. Grades will be turned in every 6 weeks to the Coordinator and must be verified with test/quiz scores, grade records, or in some cases, activity logs.

Parents and their student(s) will have an in-person conference report with the Coordinator at the end of each semester. During this meeting, each student will present a portfolio of work that may include graded tests, major written assignments, and work projects such as reports, art samples, or specific subject projects.


Chapel is a weekly school requirement for all Heritage students. Some exemptions are granted for Academy students who cannot be on campus regularly during chapel services because of educational conflicts. These exempted students must be in attendance of a weekly youth group or church service. A Pastor’s signature on the Chapel Exemption Form will be required to qualify for this exception.

Dress Code While on Campus

Chapel, Standardized testing, AP testing, and all other campus events during school hours require our students to be in school uniform to attend. (Khaki pants / shorts and black / pink / white / grey polo) Please see Heritage Parent / Student Handbook (pg. 14) for more specifics.


Daily record keeping of attendance is required by parent and will be turned in at the end of each semester.


  • Reputation for high standards and personal attention
  • Personalized education plans that help each student be successful
  • Participation in CIF athletics, choir, band, drama, spring musical, cheer, and other programs at Heritage Christian School (separate fees may apply)
  • Enrichment programs such as Discovery (for students with learning challenges), and an after-school Fine-Arts Academy (separate fees may apply)
  • Planned field trips and activities with the child’s grade level peers at HCS
  • Access to on-campus classes during school hours including AP and Honors courses; science with labs; upper level math; performing and visual arts; design, computer and technology; and modern languages
  • Assistance with college entrance, access to 1:1 college counseling
  • Transcript service
  • Standardized and AP testing
  • SAT prep course for new SAT test (separate class fee)
  • School photos, ID’s, and yearbook
  • Diplomas and graduation ceremony for all qualifying seniors

2023-24 Fees

Application/Testing (for new students only)$150 (non-refundable)
Enrollment (new student)$1,250
Re-Enrollment (returning student)$950 until February 10, 2023
$1,050 until April 14, 2023
$1,150 thereafter
Coordinator/Advisement$550 yearly (included in enrollment fee)
Annual Tuition Per Class (new & returning student)$2,429 (High School)
$2,064 (Middle School)

Per course fee for classes taken on campus
Tuition includes the course textbook and access to other programs as outlined in the Academy Program document. Applies only to students taking on-campus course work.

Annual Tuition
Annual tuition is to be paid in full directly to the school by July 7, or 50% by July 7 and 50% by December 8 via cash, check or wire. For monthly payment options, please refer to the Tuition Payment Information form. Financial Aid is not available for the Independent Study Program.

Returned Checks
$30.00 for any checks returned unpaid

Late Fees
$25.00 for late payment on any account

Miscellaneous Expenses
Other possible expenses are: seasonal sports fees, school uniforms, before school and after school elective classes, P.E. clothes, P.E. locks, athletic team fees, choir outfits, cheer and drill team uniforms, consumable workbooks, materials fees for consumables in elective courses (art, photography, woodshop, etc.), field trips and class trips, detention, yearbook purchase, AP course fee, graduation fee, and other optional expenses. The cost of loaned textbooks for on-campus classes is included in the tuition.