Core Prep Academy

Why Core Prep Academy?

At Core Prep Academy, we provide a unique blend of scholastics and athletics. The focus is on middle school students and available for a wide range of sports:

  • Boys’ Baseball
  • Boys’ Basketball
  • Boys’ Football
  • Girls’ Soccer
  • Girls’ Softball
  • Girls’ Volleyball

The goal is to give gifted athletes the opportunity to have the training – specific to their sport – which will allow them to excel.

Core Prep has a well-documented record for success with over 175 student-athletes that have graduated from the Academy in different sports.

Alumni and trainees include top NCAA athletes and current high school All Americans.

Graduates attend many notable universities, including but not limited to UCLA, LMU, Kentucky, TCU, and Penn.

Our mission is simple.

The Core Prep Academy Curriculum

The Core Prep program is offered to student-athletes in middle school (6th, 7th, and 8th grade).


The Core Prep Academy is offered to student-athletes in middle school (6th, 7th, and 8th grade). The students have a traditional schedule and fulfill their academic requirements by taking English, Math, Science, and Bible with our faculty at Heritage Christian School. Bible, Physical Education, and Life Skills elective courses are provided by Core Prep Academy.

Performance Training

Core Prep Academy is partnered with Athletic Gaines to provide the Athletic Performance Enhancement. The Athletic Gaines program offers a full sports performance approach from physical therapy, individualized corrective exercises, individualized strength and movement (speed and conditioning) program. Core Prep takes pride in cultivating well-rounded athletes. Our Performance Training is coupled with nutrition education and mental performance development to keep the focus on the overall athlete.

Sports Training

The training at Core Prep is dedicated to total athlete development, using a wide range of innovative techniques. The program for each sport is developed and managed by a team of expert coaches in that sport, including former collegiate athletes and specialized trainers.

This combination of expert staff and world-class programming results in an unmatched sports academy experience.

Core Prep Academy prepares young athletes for high school varsity sports, college, and beyond. We have a well-known reputation as a training ground for passionate student-athletes. Every drill and rep will help your student-athlete develop grit, character, discipline and reach their full potential.

Life Skills

At Core Prep, we want to help your student-athlete grow up as a well-rounded member of society, able to sustain their livelihood well into the future. To do this, we incorporate practical life skills. The goal is to actively shape, empower, and mold your child to join the next generation of student-athletes and community leaders.

The focus and mission of the Life Skills elective is to build a high level of character, to help the student athlete better understand themselves, and to create and foster a mentality of servant leadership.

The Life Skills program includes: Financial Literacy, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Career Exploration, College Tours, monthly Community Service, and active one-on-one mentorship.

Program Director

Coach Todd Wilson founded the Core Preparatory Academy in 2015. After a life of excellence in academics, athletics and service, Todd focused on changing the status quo for the student-athlete communities around him.

He and his diverse, talented and compassionate team are actively committed to shaping, empowering, and molding new generations of student-athletes and community leaders. The organization focuses on developing life skills in student-athletes to build high character, help them better understand themselves, and create and foster a servant leadership-based mentality.

To learn more or register for Core Prep Academy, please call or email Todd at 213-516-2673,