Purpose and Philosophy

 Heritage Christian School

The ultimate purpose of Heritage Christian School is to glorify God. Excellent education – academically, spiritually, socially/emotionally, physically, and culturally – is provided from a Biblical point of view to assist parents as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The school strives to assist its students to develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Development

The school’s emphasis is to teach the Word of God, to exalt Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to facilitate students’ spiritual growth by leading them to place God at the center of their lives.

Intellectual Development

The school provides a carefully planned educational program with a goal of preparing students to be lifelong learners.

Physical Development

Combinations of programs and activities are designed to meet age appropriate skill levels through physical education classes and after-school sport activities.

Emotional / Social Development

The school offers the students an environment in which they will be positively influenced in the areas of self-confidence, social development, and Godly values.

Cultural Development

From the start of their education at Heritage, students are given various opportunities to develop an appreciation of the arts and the many different cultures throughout God’s world.



The ESLRs are those expectations we have of what our students will learn and will ultimately make a unique contribution to the culture of our school, our community and the world.

We expect and desire that our students work toward learning what HCS considers the most important foundations for success in life spiritually, academically and socially.


Trust in the redemptive power of God and demonstrate it in your own life

Reveal Christ in your life and identity, and in the lives around you

Understand Biblical truth and develop as a lifelong learner

Seek to love and appreciate others

Treat our bodies well to maintain a healthy lifestyle